About Us

Hello Everyone!

My name is Amy Price and I am so glad you found me here! I have spent most of my life in a beautiful small town called Ogden, Iowa. I have worn many hats over the years with some of them being a daughter, wife, mother, leader, hairdresser, dog mama, dental assistant, a manager and even a lunch lady. With these hats I have learned many hard lessons that life has had to offer; I’ve gained perspective on the life I’m passionate about living and even more so have been blessed with an incredible community that builds each other up and does life together. ChelBelle Boutique was created with the intention to bring gorgeous clothing to you in an easy, affordable way. I hope to bring something to the table for everyone and give you the confidence to build a wardrobe that is perfect for you. I’m excited to see where this new business adventure takes us and I hope that it allows me to continue building long standing friendships and flourish in new ones.